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SetBeat APK allows you to play all worldwide online streaming music apps at zero prices. There are numerous applications for streaming songs like Google Play, Spotify, Music, Play it, Sound cloud, Apple songs, etc. 
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SetBeat APK allows you to play all worldwide online streaming music apps at zero prices. There are numerous applications for streaming songs like Google Play, Spotify, Music, Play it, Sound cloud, Apple songs, etc. 

Music is another source of relaxation and something that we love, when there are various types of music everyone can easily find something they love. Before this technological era, million+ of peoples use the radio to listen to music. After it, technology has assisted, develop a new way of listening to music merged.

In this digital era, nowadays everybody prefers to listen to music on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Downloading and listening to songs is a slow procedure and getting more data from the internet. Therefore, most music lovers find music streaming applications and services like SetBeat APK. You must have listened to use Spotify, Amazon Music, Gaana, and many other platforms.

More about SetBeat APK

It is developed for android devices and tablets. So, if you are wondering about something like the SetBeat iOS app, you would not get it. We have also introduced a SetBEat Of installation steps for android just for information about it.

Well, everyone does not afford to pay for online Music Streaming, so they want to get a free app for this purpose. That is why; we are here with this application that allows users to listen to music online without payment. If you are listed as one of them, then you might be interested to know about this android-based application. The name of APK also describes that you have gained a little overview of the application and how it functions or works.

Hence today’s article we are going to discuss all SetBeat for android and offer you a direct download link to SetBeat APK. Moreover, you cannot find it on Google Play Store and iTunes Store. So, you need to download and install it manually from the download link mentioned at the top of this article. 

What is SetBeat APK?

It is a music streaming app that lets users to their favorite songs and albums on their smartphones. It also allows you to make and manage your playlist and share music with your friends, family members, and colleagues. You can also find new music to listen to according to your desire. It has various features that make it the best option for music-addicted people like me and you.

One of the best features is that it provides high-quality music streaming, you can easily listen to your favorite songs in definition and also download the songs for offline listening. Furthermore, it is a useful app for music lovers and has a user-friendly interface for easy usage.

SetBeat APK Features:

Unlimited streaming of music

The best features of this APP are that you can use the app to stream limitless music online. However, there is no need for registration which positive impact on the gamer’s luxuries. You can easily use this application to stream unlimited music and it depends upon the active internet connection of users

One-click Free Music Download:

after downloading SetBeat APK, it allows you to one-click Free music download for offline listening songs. It is the reality that everyone can not afford an internet connection every time. Still, they want to listen to music every time everywhere, so, do not worry this application offers free download songs for your android device. You can download the music according to your phone storage,

Daily updates:

The database of the English language version of this application is huge and 1000+ musical files are mentioned for live streaming and download. This application is updated daily base on the latest song, and sometimes new lyrics are added to the app.

Follow your favorite poet:

Another good feature to download the application is that this APK allows you to follow your favorite genre or artist. It also notifies you of the latest music upload from that artist.

Safe and Secure

This app is not available on the Official Page like Google Play Store. For that reason, many people think that it is not safe but it is absolutely safe and secure. Basically, you cannot use this APK for your personal use, but you can use it for listening to music without bringing your information like your Gmail Account, etc.


Music is not only poetry or songs it also expresses the artist’s feelings, emotions, and expressions. Many people listen to music while they are sad, happy, and feel lovely. In this regard, SetBeat APK offers all genres of Music like Sad, Happy, Romantic, and much more. So, please download this APK and easily find your music depending upon your mood. That is it!

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