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Puffin Browser Pro Apk may be browser intensive on mobile devices. Between a large number of competitions, the appliance positions out for its sudden fast loading of websites on the web and 100 percent support for adobe flashy. The speed of the program is confirmed by the uniform distribution of the load on the supporting servers, not on the tablet or smartphone. Thus as long as a comfortable visit to the page even with a coffee power mobile.


Puffin Browser Pro Apk

Puffin Pro browser is fabulous fast. Once users capability the exciting speed of Puffin, consistent Mobile Internet looks like suffering. Puffin Browser Pro is that the first-class version of the Puffin family. it isn’t ad-supported.

Wicked Fast: Puffin accelerates mobile browsing by shifting the assignment from the supply-limited devices to the raincloud servers, and resource-challenging webpages can run super-fast on your phones or tablets.

Cloud Protection:

All traffic from the Puffin app to the Puffin server is scrambled, protection from neighbouring hackers. It’s nontoxic to use public non-secure WiFi concluded Puffin, but not safe within the least for max browsers.

The Latest Flash:

We keep successful our cloud servers and provide the most recent Flash care over the cloud.

Save Your Bandwidth:

Puffin uses an exclusive compression procedure to speak web data to your device, and it can save 91% of your bandwidth on systematic web browsing. (Please be noted that flooding Flash satisfied or videos require more bandwidth than the quality usage.)


  1. Unbelievable Loading Speed
  2. Adobe Flash Support over Raincloud
  3. the whole New Tabs Browsing
  4. Download to Cloud (Up to 1G per file)
  5. Playhouse Mode
  6. Modifiable Flash quality
  7. Cybernetic Trackpad (Mouse Simulator)
  8. Computer-generated Gamepad
  9. Colour Theme for Toolbar and Slidebar
  10. Fastest JavaScript Engine
  11. Full Web Knowledge
  12. Undercover tab for private browsing
  13. Coordinate Chrome bookmarks automatically.


The data middles of the Puffin browser are within the US and thus the cloud servers can only admittance public web locations from US geolocations.

* For users outside the US, local content, specifically videos of local interest, won’t be manageable from the US because of geo-limitations in your home country.

* because of the online censorship, the Puffin Browser service is gridlocked in China and Saudi Arabia.


Name Puffin Browser
File Size 16.3Mb
Version v9.1.0.50541
Required Android 4.1+
Updated date 28-06-2021

High security

Security is continuously the biggest concern when operators use the internet. Frequently, users use an acquainted web browser and do not need to adjust to another browser. It is also an apprehension that the newfangled web browser is not secure by imitation websites or malevolent code.

Puffin Browser Pro is valued as completely non-toxic. The data is scrambled before being communicated to circumvent the interruption of spyware to bargain user information. The application safeguards the security of your device, even when you access ranges with a not sufficient safe wifi connection. When you using a browser, an exclusive session is shaped. When you depart the browser or separate from the internet, that section will be deleted. Therefore, users can be guaranteed that no malware or infection can affect your device from side to side Puffin Browser Pro.

Puffin Browser Pro Apk Features

• Speed:

The page load speed of the Puffin browser is unbelievable. Websites interpretation speed is fast with this browser. you’ll browse changed sites at an honest volume of speed with Puffin Browser. It helps you to capacity the pages quicker than your typical browsing time.

• Ad-Blocker:

Ad Blocker is one of the useful topographies of Puffin Browser. Who are requirements maddening ads? Sometimes it gets unsatisfying to watch the ads on different websites. Though, each site uses its selection’s ad platform. So, it doesn’t suggest that each website would have maddening ads. But you’ll use the ad-blocking feature of Puffin Browser to dam ads on websites. If you’re feeling that you simply don’t require an ad blocker and if you famine to support the publishers, you’ll continuously activate or off the ad blocker of Puffin Browser

• No Ads:

This is often one of the professional or Quality features of the web browser. You’ll get this selection only on Puffin Browser Pro. You’ll not get any promotions or ads on the variability of this browser. So, it’ll provide you with a really outstanding experience while browsing changed websites with Puffin Browser Pro. It’ll assist you to browse websites contentedly.

• Secure Connection:

Puffin Browser uses protected end-to-end encryption to send and receive data. it’s 100% secure or nontoxic to enter your personal information, including passwords on Puffin Browser. Cloud protection helps to secure the data from hackers. It’ll also protect you from burglary of data when you’re consuming a public wifi connection to browse.

• Latest Flash Player Support:

Adobe Flash Player could also be a software that supports to right of entry specialized curriculums on Web Browsers. A maximum of the websites uses Adobe Flash Player to display specific content on their site. you’ll access changed web programs, including Video streaming with Adobe flash player.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Is Puffin Browser Free?
Puffin Browser may be a totally free app. You don’t requirement to shop for this browser. you’ll download it from the overhead link for categorically free.
Is Puffin Browser Safe?
Yes, Puffin Browser is fully safe to download, install and use. many users international are using it, and nobody protested about this app. So, you don’t get to apprehension about your safety.
Do not it’s Fast Javascript Engine?
Yes, Puffin Browser has the fastest javascript machine that can rapidly browse or wave websites.

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Puffin Browser Pro could also be a quick and influential browser for android and iOS devices. The designer is additionally continually updating the fashionable Ostentatious versions to help recover the user’s experience. Puffin Browser Pro customs resources from cloud servers. Therefore, in the calculation of faster surfing speed, it also supports many users to avoid wasting and to save lots of lots of mobile data. If you’re consuming a slow internet connection, you need to plan to download this application. It can assist you to get an improved experience.


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