Project Makeover APK for Android [Latest V2.53.1] Download

Project Makeover APK for Android [Latest V2.53.1] Download

An interesting game Project Makeover recently designed by Magic Tavern Inc is hinted up under the category Causal7. In this game, you can find yourself drowning in sorrow and live in the previous era or the upcoming time instead of your recent motion. After using the APP, you can engage yourself in different fashion challenges where you learn to dress up and stylize with amazing outfits.

If you want to makeup and don’t qualified to purchase all the appearance makeup systems, then this is one of the best gaming platforms and is also called a solution for you. Specifically, it is one of the best and most stylish makeup set games with an amazing and pretty interface and more exciting challenges in it.

Gameplay or Storyline:

As a super stylist and designer, this app will take on its ultimate journey to assist you in need of achieving all your images as well. Starting by offering you a Perfect Makeover will change your look and make you more confident in your appearance. You can freely get help on aspects of your facial traits, clothes, and style, which will help to change the look of your avatars.

In addition, you can simply change your houses to turn them from the messes that you are into a perfect household. Further, you can play exciting games like puzzle-solving with addictive match-three puzzles and much more. The simple gameplay of this app will make sure that users can always have more fun and entertainment.

Features of Project Makeover:

The convenient aspects of the app are explained,

Get Money and Accessories through the completion of tricks:

The brilliant features of this game are that it provides a wide range of puzzles games and lists a table of symbols tiles for users like you and me to select from these puzzle games mainly solve the challenging fashion theme so that gamers can get fashion tricks and find that amazing looks such as clothes, fashions, and style. After completing the puzzle game that merges your life, you can accumulate more money and have a chance to unlock a wide range of unique tools.

After solving the 3-match puzzles it will offer a board containing many icons representing fashion appearances such as shoes, lipsticks, gems, and much more. The player’s objective is to drag matching tiles from three or more of the same sign so that they are freed. Keep an eye out for the explosive weapons that the game provides in order to fast unleash more symbols.

Interesting Makeup accessories to work:

If you are a makeup lover, you can also work with lots of technical makeup set tools from the app. This will allows your heroes to look completely various and feel free to try out different makeup to look better suit their style and personalities as well as possible. You can simply unlock attractive makeovers to finish changing how your heroes look and feel.

Easily modify your house and also decorate it:

It is another exciting stuff of this app, where you have more fun modifying not only the characters’ look but also customizing your home and it is possible for you to get into their houses and make multiple designs. Get more ideas freely to decorate your home and also create incredible backgrounds for heroes to pose on and for you to take incredible images as well.

More attractive puzzles to solve it:

The Project Makeover allows you to work on many attractive and addictive Puzzles. It will also allow them to enjoy and associate with the brilliant features of 3-match challenging. You can easily complete the quest and get yourself many prizes and rewards. With growing levels and unlocked playability, the in-game puzzles will never be tedious.

Attached with your friends and other users:

To make the app more attractive, you can now connect with your favorite friends and other gamers around the globe. In case, you can visit the others to get how they can decorate your avatars and design your houses.

Graphics and Sound Quality:

Merge yourself in a pretty environment of fashion in the game, and also allow you to have more fun with lavish characters, dresses, and aesthetic atmosphere. All of which will impress and keep your hold on the gameplay. The 2D-Graphics will also enable smooth and satisfying gameplay on all your android devices.

With amazing sound quality, it will simply impress you with its attractive gameplay of decorations and we are thankful for the beautiful soundtrack. On the other side, we never find ourselves boring.

Key Points of Project Makeover:

  • Easily customize your own characters with more fun
  • Chat with your friends simply as well as other users
  • More compelling stuff with power-ups to use the app
  • Addictive Puzzle games are available
  • Solve the puzzle games and get a wide range of rewards
  • Take amazing pictures of your fashion icons simply
  • Get benefits from character building in the app
  • Collect more codes, appearance, and conditions of the interior
  • Free to play and utilize
  • Much more

Final Words:

This game allows you to immerse yourself in unique fashions with adventures. Get the help of an app and decorate your characters, and houses, and play various games to get ultimate rewards.  Have suitable options for how to dress properly and experimenting with different styles to boost your confidence. Just Download project Makeover APK for Android Latest Version Free and get all the entertainment while decorating your avatars and houses.

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