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Pou Mod Apk is a game where you can take care of an alien and make him happy. The more time spent with Pou, the happier he becomes! You may play various mini-games such as bathing your pet or giving it food; these activities will earn coins that we’ll spend on replenishing his wardrobe (clothing) furniture, etcetera for our apartment in order to keep up appearances at all times even when things aren’t going well between us humans.

Pou Mod Apk

Pou is the name of a little alien-like creature with big eyes and a fat body. He looks so innocent that you just want to hug him right away! Initially, Pou causes sympathy from any person who sees or interacts with it because they can’t help but feel sorry for this adorable animal…. But if people knew what his round head looked like under those bristles on top – deadly pointy teeth ready at all times – then maybe some would rethink their initial feelings?
In contrast: In short time frames, players learn more about how dangerous yet charmingly cute this “Poo” really was as well as other characters within The Game World.

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