Nadra cinc information download app for Android

Nadra cinc information download app for Android

NADRA CINC (Computerized National Identity Card) is a government-issued identification card for citizens of Pakistan. It is a crucial document that serves as proof of identity, citizenship, and other essential details of an individual. The card contains a unique identification number that is used for various purposes, such as voting, taxation, banking, and passport issuance.

What is?

The NADRA CINC contains various features that make it a secure and reliable form of identification. It includes biometric information, such as fingerprints and facial recognition data, which ensures that the person presenting the card is the legitimate owner. This technology helps to prevent identity theft and fraud, making the NADRA CINC a trusted form of identification in Pakistan.

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is responsible for issuing and managing the NADRA CINC. It is a government agency that was established in 2000 to create a centralized database of citizens and residents of Pakistan. The agency’s goal is to provide secure and reliable identification services to the public, and the NADRA CINC is one of its most significant achievements in this regard.

What’s new?

To apply for a NADRA CINC, citizens of Pakistan must visit a NADRA registration center and provide certain documents, such as a birth certificate or passport, as well as biometric data. The application process is rigorous, and NADRA conducts background checks to ensure that the applicant is a legitimate citizen of Pakistan. Once the application is approved, the card is issued to the applicant, and it is valid for ten years.

Key features

The NADRA CINC is used for a wide range of purposes in Pakistan. For example, it is required to vote in elections, open a bank account, and apply for a passport. It is also used by law enforcement agencies to identify criminals and track their activities. The card has become an essential part of life in Pakistan, and it is considered a valuable asset by its owners.

One of the most significant advantages of the NADRA CINC is that it simplifies the identification process. Rather than carrying multiple documents, such as a passport, driver’s license, and voter ID card, citizens can use the NADRA CINC as a single form of identification. This makes it easier to access government services and conduct daily transactions, such as opening a bank account or purchasing a mobile phone SIM card.


the NADRA CINC is a critical document for citizens of Pakistan. It provides a secure and reliable form of identification that simplifies the identification process and ensures that only legitimate citizens are able to access government services. The NADRA CINC’s biometric features make it a trusted form of identification, and its widespread use in Pakistan demonstrates its importance in the country’s daily life.


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