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The uniqueness of the Metal Slug 3 APK application is now one of the key platforms to do something like this. It is the first NEOGEO 2D version of the game, that’s now compatible with Android. So the first Metal Slug game was published in 2000, and two more versions in the sequence have been launched since that day.


Metal slug 3 APK

METAL SLUG 3 has become one of the best shooters games on the device, with thrilling action. The tale of the valiant fighters battling with criminal troops and evil forces is central to the player’s plot. On your difficult trip, you must defeat all your rivals.

Theme Of The Metal Slug 3 Game

Metal Slug 3 Apk is the biggest hit in the Metal Slug gameplay, and it was first announced for Android devices. Sometimes you just can select one of four characters at the start of the game, and then you’ll be able to choose to use handguns such as automatic rifles, shotguns, and fire bullets, as well as fighting consoles or machines. Ride to take out your enemies. METAL SLUG 3 is a very difficult to play and difficult journey. Join the battle with your mates.

metal slug 3 apk

App Information

App Name Metal Slug 3 APK
App Size 68  MB
Android Required Android 2.3+
Category Arcade
Version 1.9
Developer SNK Corporation
Last Updated 17-07-2021

Amazing Features Of Metal Slug Game

Tricky To Control 

The Metal Slug 3 Apk has a variety of gameplay modes from which you can always choose to play the type of character you like. Your protagonist will be willing to do a variety of things, such as float through the wind, ride a horse, and ride massive tanker trucks, among other things.

Advance Technologies

Elephant Slugs, Slug Mariners, and Drill Slugs are among the advanced technologies connected to the smartphone series, making it so much more entertaining to start a game.

Bluetooth Function

Individuals can sometimes play such a game with friends through your Bluetooth device.

Imaginative Graphics

The other additional benefit of Metal Slug 3 APK even though it has extremely clear and colourful graphics that don’t use a lot of your smartphone’s energy.

metal slug 3 apk

2D Shooter Game

Metal Slug 3 is a 2-D shooter game, but it could be played on any tablet, including a low-end smartphone. It is a game in which you don’t have time to sit and take a rest. Your action should always be fast and direct, hitting your opponent right away, and you must not hesitate at any cost.

Roaming Map

The Metal Slug 3apk, much like the original version, features a roaming map structure that might be used to find enemies and progress through the game. You can adjust your protagonist’s route by using the map feature, making it easy to bluff your opponents.

Games Modes

It is the Flawless remake of the original version This great modification of “METAL SLUG 3” provides a “MISSION MODE” in contrast to its traditional “ARCADE MODE,” enabling you to choose whatever stage you would like to play! You can now compete in your favourite stages including those that are the most difficult for you!

Open Feint Gameplay

It’s an Open Feint compatible game. You can Increase your “METAL SLUG 3” Gamer Score by completing as many “Victories” as possible. For becoming World’s top One, compete with the best records.

metal slug 3 apk

Unique And Exciting Features

Metal Slug 3 introduces a few new features to the play that make it more enjoyable.

  • The modifications in the previous season were one of my favourites, and they’re being taken back online.
  • You can now turn into zombies and sometimes even carry certain pretty cool scuba diving suits for an aquatic part.
  • There are indeed a lot more Slugs to battle this game, and they’re much crazier than they were.

How to download Metal Slug 3 Apk

  • Open Security Settings first.
  • Turn on the “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” as shown in the picture below.
  • Find the file in your device’s storage and double-click it.
  • Now press the Install button and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Do it after you’ve finished.

metal slug 3 apk


  • Visuals are pleasant,
  • Animations are flawless
  • There are a lot of guns.
  • Various foes.
  • Levels of branching
  • The latest innovations fascinate me.
  • There are many more Slugs here.
  • A blast for single-player and multiplayer.
  • The plot took a dramatic turn.
  • Possibility to have an endless number of lives.


  • Colour combinations on the backdrop are dull.
  • A few low-cost fatalities.
  • Sometimes slow down


Q1-Can we play the metal slug 3 game online?

Metal Slug 3 apk is a free online shooting game. Kill all enemies by blasting, shooting, and destroying them.

Q2-How can we connect with multiplayer?

Using Online Co-Op Play, Attach to Steam and complete challenges with friends from all over the world.

Let the project start by finding a former teammate or an international friend.

Q3-Can we play in Free Mode?

But that really doesn’t matter since you can enjoy a game in ‘Free Mode,’ which also makes you a limitless number of attempts.

Q4-in how many ways could be finished all missions?

Finishing all missions could be achieved single or multiplayer, but having a companion along can help speed things up.

Q5-How many lives are there if we play to continue on?

A-If you’d like to continue with rests, you could, but each continues will only have three lives, although if you drop any of your continues, the game would be over and therefore you must start new.

Q6-How many missions in metal slug 3 apk?

There are five missions in all, with one exception: mission 5. Every mission has several paths one can follow. If you’d like to complete the missions quickly, these will help you speed up your journey for the accomplishment.

 Final Thoughts

Metal Slug 3 apk is an addicting game that continues to remind a time whenever certain souls are lifted; only someone who has actually played can know. The rule of this gameplay is that you should always destroy all opponents in one shot. This is really a fascinating and multi-functional game. Each dimension and destination has multiple ways of moving, so it’s best to determine where and how to take the character.



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