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Manga GO Apk is an online comic reader, would like to introduce you to the world of comics. Comics you must stay here with the best quality. This is not about the number of comics, but your time. We want to simplify and design things. It is all yours. Now relax and warm your senses with comics. Comic reader: automatically save the reading progress of each chapter.


Manga GO Apk

 Manga GO: Online comic reading is the best comic reading tool; the source code is stable and updated. , Don’t miss a chapter. Just go in and enjoy it. Add the comics to your favourites and check the comics for updates every day. Many comics have updated to colour pages. Optimize loading time and effectively preload. There are thousands of stable and updated comic works, and their number is increasing every day.

Highlights of Manga go Apk

  • Therefore, every chapter’s reading progress is saved automatically.
  • Assign various colours to the viewing, reading, and downloading chapters.
  • Three having read modes are supported: Continuous, Page Sliding, and Sheet Curl.
  • Support three different viewing directions: Vertical to horizontal
  • On Devices, support multiple page viewing using page curling motion.
  • Add your favourite pages to your bookmarks
  • Read all chapters without pausing
  • Notification of updates
  • Add your manga to your favourites list, and it will check for updates every day.

App Information

App Name Manga Go Apk
App Size 21.72 MB
Android Required Android 4.2 and up
Category Comics App
Version 2.2.6
Developer KissACG
Last Updated 28-06-2021

Useful Functions about manga go apk

 It has good reading effects and many useful functions made by manga lovers for manga lovers.

Built-in web browser

 With Manga GO, you never want to read your comics with a web browser anymore. Easily add comics from your favourite website to the app by entering their URL or bookmarking them using the built-in web browser.

Tracking system

 Use the reading and tracking system to organize your list of comics. You will never lose unread comics again. Automatically search for new chapters of comics.

Support reading directions

 Specify an appropriate reading method for each comic in advance. Supports left-to-right, right-to-left, or top-to-bottom reading directions. Read all chapters of the manga consecutively. Swipe from the last page of the current chapter to the first page of the next chapter.

Backup your comic list

 Automatically save the reading progress of each chapter. Easily backup your comic list via email. Download the comic to your device and read it anytime, anywhere.

Go fully anonymous

Come in, enjoy. We respect your identity and do not send any user data. You are completely anonymous. Just log in and enjoy.

Features of Manga go apk

 Huge comic library

Mangago allowed simultaneous streaming in different libraries. You can choose which libraries to use and you can create or delete your own libraries in different countries.

No download restrictions

Completely free 100Manga GO is a simple and effective manga reading application, Download multiple comic pages at once-Read comic downloads anytime, anywhere

Search and filter

 It can easily search and filter comics by your favourite comic title, author name, rating, and genre.

Smart user interface

Simple but very smart user interface with stylish side menus (left and right). Right, left, up, down-everything you can think of already built into the apps.

App themes

App themes are also designed to make you feel comfortable when reading for a long time Built-in sorting and filters are used to view and search comics, respectively Reading GO-Reading comics online is completely different from others, because it centres on users and readers.


  • Stable and updated
  • No longer, need to log in and register.
  • The download is instant.
  • After downloading, you can uninstall and reinstall them multiple times without downloading them.


  •  Does not verify third-party application downloads.

Therefore, it may cause some troubles.

How to install Manga go apk on Android?

Following are the easy and simple steps to download this app.

  • Download the Manga go app for free.
  • To begin, go through an apk shop
  • In the search engine, type MangaGo.
  • Select the Explore Now option.
  • After that, open the MangaGo Apk file.
  • Save Apk File to your phone by clicking the Install Now option.
  • Now download the link from the Download Folder.
  • Allow the option to access unknown apps in order to update the app.
  • Now launch the game and log in using your Facebook or Google account.
  • Now it is your turn.

You can also download Tidal Premium Apk From our website.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1-Do Mangago apk supports offline reading?

A-Yes, it supports offline reading.

Q2-Can I chat on mangago?

Yes, you can chat, share and ask questions in it.

Q3- Is manga go support a bookmark?

A- It Support bookmarks and the last read page.

Q4-How many languages does it support?

A-it Supports 26 languages ​​and more than 200,000 envelopes as well as stream comic by genre.

Q5-Is there any missing chapters?

A-No, Mangago apk developer does not want to ruin your mood due to the destruction of the comics or missing chapter.

Q6-Can we read anytime any comic in manga go apk file?

A-yes, we can read 24/7 comic. There is no time restriction.

Q7-How many manga go apk updates daily?

A-Mangago apk updates 60000 manga titles daily.

Q8-Is it a pay-to-play game?

A- No, this amazing game is completely free to play, and then you can play without further worries.

Q9. Why isn’t my Mangago apk game working?

A- You may be using an earlier version of Mangago apk. Please get the most recent apk file from this page.

Q10-How much manga go apk will take storage in your device?

A- Mangago apk is designed to make reading time clear and easy for readers, with a reliable and latest source. Your phone will require 19.9 MB of storage.


MangaGo apk offers its users the opportunity to read free online manga. Readers have access to a reliable and up-to-date source of all the current manga on the web. It is a customer service that provides an online-updated app. This programme also allows for offline and unlimited downloading. You can also play the game in manga go. it is unique among several other apps in that it focuses on the user, the user. We are focused on helping to resolve issues. It reduces ineffective or unnecessary activities, and it highlights the importance of the fingertips.


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