iZen Patcher APK 2023 v1.13 Download For Android

iZen Patcher APK 2023 v1.13 Download For Android

Are you amazed to watch your opponent and think that how they perform the best performance in an MLBB game? They also fight against the opponent and defeat them and they do not pay money in the MLBB game they also use features free which are not free to use. So, no doubt they use the best Injector tools and they perform their best action in the game. The one of best tools is iZen Patcher which is also for you to become an advanced pro player in ML games.

If you face many problems and difficulties in the ML game, and you have no money to buy the skins and other features in the game and you know that many features are locked in the game and they need money to unlock. Then in this situation, this Injector APK is the solution to this situation, you can download it from this page easily.

What is iZen Patcher APK?

In addition, I guess there are many questions in your mind that how it works and how we can use this APK. So, do not think about it because we are here for you and we share all about it in this article read the entire article carefully. Similarly, it is an APK that works on android devices and it is used to unlock skins, drone views, maps, and free of cost.

If you are a beginner in the MLBB game and you want to defeat your opponents then use this master tool and improve your abilities. If you install this tool then I think that you have realized the value of this Injector.

Features of iZen Patcher Injector:

In the Gaming world, there are millions of unlocking tools and every injector has a different ability to unlock the features. So, the ZP allows you to unlock these types of features which are given below.

  • Assassin: 50 Skins are available for 12 heroes.
  • Fighter: Total 30 heroes and total 110 skins.
  • Tank: 18 skins and 65 heroes.
  • Marksman: 18 heroes are available for 120 skins.
  • Support: 10 heroes and 30 skins.
  • Mage: 21 heroes and 80 skins.

You know the upper features are just about heroes and available skins but we discuss all the features and the below lines are all about more features.


  • Lobby and profile
  • Evos and RRG
  • Music change
  • First loading
  • Custom MLLB Intro
  • Geek  fans

The backgrounds show the beauty of the game and these backgrounds change the shape and beauty of the ML game.

Anime Skins:

  • Sun and WanWan
  • Ling and Chou
  • Fanny skin
  • Guinevere and Gussion
  • ABC File is also avaibale.

The ABC file is connected with anime skins free of cost.

Rank Booster:

  • Ultra Graphic Mode
  • Enemy Lag
  • Top Global
  • Auto Mythic

Ranks booster is also for increasing the value of this tool for better working in the game.

Drone views:

  • This tool helps the user to zoom the range from 1 x to 10 x by a smart camera.


  • Spawn
  • Recall
  • Elimination

Fix MLBB Bugs:

  • Pink map
  • All maps
  • Hero has no icon
  • A black screen is available
  • Phone Lag
  • Stuck in loading

Downloading and Installing of iZen Patcher:

After all, now we want to discuss it’s downloading and installing. We divide installing and download process into steps so carefully read them one by one.

  • First of all see the download link on the top of this page, just one Click on it for downloading.
  • After that, when it is finished then allows “Uknown Sources” on mobile.
  • GO on download manager and click on downloaded file for installation.
  • When installing process finish then the app is ready for use.


We discuss all features of the iZen Patcher, now it depends upon you if you read all this article then I say that you can face problems but if you skip this article then I say that you will face the problems. So, read this article carefully first and then download it on your phone and enjoy its premium features, and safety with us.

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