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Vice City Apk is a well-known third-person shooter that has recently been released for Android. Organized crime has occupied over City, a fictitious city focused fully on trendy and southern Miami. The Hub of wealth and corruption, with bikini-clad beauties, keyboard warriors in Hawaiian t-shirts, glamorous cars and skinny chests.


Vice City Apk

Vice City APK will drive you to the big city, where you will encounter hundreds of challenging and mysterious missions. Violent attacks, theft, attacks, property seizure, and other incidents have occurred. In the criminal world, glitches are not forgiven.

DeveloperRockstar Games
Size7.3 MB
Require Android7.0 and Up
Last Updated28-06-2021


The action of the game takes place in the early 1980s. The villain of the game, which will be played by the gamers, is the bandit Tommy Versetti, who was recently freed from prison and was able to conduct an unethical massive deal by robbing a large amount of money. However, something went terribly wrong. Tommy should repay his mafia loans because he doesn’t really have time to escape and doesn’t want to endanger his family’s safety.

GTA Vice City Apk

Key features

Variety of weapons

Weapons Variety is a key element. There are a number of arms in Vice City apk, such as Brass knuckles, a shield, a blade, a pistol, a firearm, an infrared shot, an assault pistol, and even a rocket launcher will be available to help gamers finish the mission securely but without encountering any obstacles.

Sound And Graphics

Characters, scenery, and textures all seem to have an outstanding graphic design. The player’s curiosity is fascinated by the 3D visual effects.

Open world game

It’s an open-world game with a lot of ways for players to guide the main character to achieve his goal in the game. Islands, coastal zones, plains, numerous barriers, sea routes, and other landmarks exist in this massive city. It’s the ideal environment for open-world gaming.

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City Map

The map of vice city apk is huge and there is a lot of things to explore many location and hints which help you to win the mission.


With its multiple languages help, you’ll be capable of completing each task with ease. You’ll still know whatever mission you’re working on and also how to execute it. To keep the audience focused on the game, there are a variety of missions and challenges to complete.

Unlimited Missions

There will be missions that are simple, ordinary, and complex. Each mission introduces a new character and unlocks new gameplay modes. Missions consist of killing a certain number of people in a limited time and using a particular weapon.

GTA Vice City Apk

No Security Threats

This game is free from security threats you can download it without any malware is found in this game feel free to download it.

Control Formats

It is not easy to play an action-adventure game, in vice city apk game you can control the formats of your game and adjust it according to your ease. You can easily change the configuration of the controls and place buttons anywhere you want on the screen.

Compatible With Game Controller

If you have to face a problem playing on your smartphone due to touch screen control, vice city compatible with wireless controller.

Sports Car

Moreover, as you drive down the road through an exotic stolen car, you can bring in the wonders of the capital. Sports cars speed down the road as ships drift by on the rivers, which matches your mood.

GTA Vice City Apk


As competing gangs compete in endless mode on the streets, news helicopters fly overhead. You may also continue to interrupt or simply follow forward and change the radio station.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Interesting story
  • Addictive game
  • Free of cost
  • Free wander is a multi-layered sandbox game.
  • A camera that isn’t trustworthy


  • Auto aiming firing.
  • Heavier in size
  • sometimes Hang your phone
  • unnecessary repetition in the driving section

How To Download Vice City Apk

  • First, go to your phone’s security settings
  • To unlock unknown sources.
  • Download the apk file and data from the internet.
  • Place the apk and data files in the same folder after downloading.
  • we the apk file
  • Now have fun playing.

Frequently asked questions

Q1-Can I modify the graphics of the game?

A-yes, you can modify it and look as attractive as you want. You can also modify the graphics during playing the game.

Q2-Is it necessary to use a video game controller?

A-No, it is not necessary.

Q3-Can we play it offline?

A-yes, you can play it offline after downloading.

Q4- Is this a game too heavy?

No way! This game is too big, weighing in at around 1GB.

Q5-Can we use vice city apk in low specifications devices?

A-This game can hang your device and be difficult to play. To download this game, you’ll need to free up a lot of space.

Q6-Is this game bugs free?

A-Yes, All types of bugs got fixed.

Q7-Can this game be heated on the device?

A-Because of its heavyweight, the player have to face this trouble.

Q8-Is the vice city apk compatible with other devices?

A-yes, it is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and Windows.

Q9-Can we play the vice city apk game online?

A-No, this game is not designed to play online.

Q10-Can we keep playing even if we don’t complete the mission?

A-The best part concerning Vice City is that you can keep playing even if you don’t complete any missions. Vice City is awesome to play on handheld phones because it has so many small missions and other interactive features.

Final Thoughts

Vice city apk is an amazing game and as you are across the different levels. It rise players suspense, thrill and interest. This game is a groove with action, and its adventure game is its most impressive feature. You can develop your fighting skills and just do whatever you need in this 3D incredible game. You can rob cars, roam the capital, visit nightclubs, and accomplish a variety of story missions. Since this ten-year-old game is also still going high, Vice City has kept its specific mythological themes.


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