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As you all know that GTA Vice City 5 is one of the most popular and top-rated criminal game among users all over the world. The story of this game is based on a well-known criminal of the ’80s in the city of Miami. The name of this criminal is Tommy Vercetti which tries to expand his criminal world with the help of other small criminals.

The developer of this stunning game is RockStar Game which now launched its latest part for Pc users by watching the popularity of this game among its user’s. This is great news for the fans of GTA Vice City that GTA 5 has been launched with its new amazing features and missions.


GTA Vice City 5

GTA Vice City 5 is just launched for the fans of GTA Vice City with its stunning new features and has a lot of new missions which are surely loved by the fans due to the popularity of its previous parts.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is now available in all windows, android devices as well as ios devices due to its popularity and fan following among the users. GTA 5 is its latest version which is launched for its PC users with advanced missions and high-resolution graphics.

Additional Information

App Name Grand Theft Auto 5
App Size 1.5 MB
Category Arcade
Developer Rockstar Games
Last Updated 28-06-2021

Amazing Features

High Graphic Resolution

Grand Theft Auto 5 provides high-quality resolution for its users, which helps its users to enjoy this game more. The resolution of this new part of Grand Theft Auto is of 4k quality. With this type of high-resolution users feel that they are actually in the game for real.

Huge Map

In this latest part of Grand Theft Auto, the Rockstar Games provide its fans with a greater map which helps the users to explore new locations and they can go wherever they want to go with freedom.

Multiplayer Mode

This is one of the best features of this game, which is not present in the previous parts of GTA. With the use of this feature, you can now play this latest version with your best friend and your siblings online and enjoy its latest missions and complete them by playing like a team. You can also play alone when no one is around.

Record Game

This is also a stunning feature of this game, with the use of this feature you are able to record your achievements and missions and you can also edit this recorded game with the help of a video editor which is also provided by Rockstar Games.

Dubbed professionally

In this feature of GTA, the role’s in this game are dubbed professionally with the help of professional voice over artists which helps the users to enjoy this game even more. The work of these voice-over artists in this game is stunning and astonishing.


In this stunning feature of GTA, the driving of new cars and shootings with new types of guns are advanced and improved as compared to the previous versions of this game.

Smoothly played

In this amazing feature of Grand Theft Auto, you are able to enjoy the smoothness of this game and experience much faster as compared to its previous versions.


With this amazing feature, you are able to enjoy its latest missions which are tougher and helps you to entertain in this game. By completing all the new missions, you are able to become the most powerful and dangerous criminal in the city.

How to Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City 5 On Pc.

Now you can easily download GTA 5 with the help of the following instructions, you have to follow each and every step carefully in order to download this game on your Pc. For more instructions, you have to go to the video game distribution platform, Steam.

Following are the simple steps to install this game.

  • First of all, you need to visit the GTA Vice City page on Steam by clicking on the download button on
  • Then after you open the Steam page, you need to enter the login details.
  • If you didn’t register yourself as a user, then you can also log in by providing your email.
  • After that, you are able to create an account on this game by choosing a username and password.
  • After creating the account, you need to purchase GTA 5 because it’s not free. You can purchase this game with the help of any online payment method like PayPal, or with the help of any bank account.
  • After the payment method is done you are able to download GTA 5 on your Pc and Enjoy!

You can Also Download GTA Vice City Apk latest version free for Android.

How to Play Grand Theft Auto Vice City 5 Online?

Following are the simple and easy steps to play GTA Vice City 5 online.

  • First of all, you have to download GTA Vice City from or visit the store’s website.
  • Next, you need to sign in and purchase GTA vice city by adding a payment method.
  • Then, you are finally able to download this game.
  • After downloading this game, you need to download the GTA Vice City mod.
  • After downloading you need to search in the mod sections that allows you to play online with the other players and install this game with the help of the instructions provided.

By following these above simple steps you are able to play multiplayer with other online users all over the world. Rockstar Games not only provides a multiplayer option, but it also provides the users with its great experience with high-quality graphics and fasts features.

Final Words

Grand Theft Auto Vice City 5 is one of the most top-rated and played game all over the world. Rockstar Game spent 265 million in developing GTA Vice City 5, which makes this game second most expensive game all over the world. With the help of Rockstar Games, you are now able to enjoy its latest part 5 with a lot of new astonishing and stunning features like multiplayer, high-quality graphics and much more. So hurry up and download this game on your Pc and Enjoy!


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