DUI Pro Injector APK Download For Android [Latest V1.8] Free

DUI Pro Injector APK Download For Android [Latest V1.8] Free

Friends, are you also an MLBB player? If yes then read this article completely here we have come for you a very new and working injector app called DUI Pro Injector. With the help of this app, you can progress much further in the MLBB game. There is no doubt that within the MLBB games it is not so easy to develop and go ahead because pro players don’t let you go ahead and without any facility, we can’t compete with them. Now the question becomes what should we do to defeat them.

So in this quest, we get two ways. The first way is to give us money to use the items that are created in the game; we can only give them money. And the second way is that we can use them by using the injector tool. Now it’s up to you which way you choose if you don’t have money then the other one should use the way you.

There are many cheating tools on the internet and choosing the right one among them is quite difficult. But don’t worry because APKHOM brings you the best app you can blindly trust us because we share with you a working one. So above we said that today we have brought you an injector app. Yes of course it is working and it works for free for all you don’t have to pay a single rupee for it. Just download it on mobile and unlock paid items in the game for free.


We have seen many times that the small players easily come in front of the big players. It is not the fault of their car because the big players have more facilities and they also have more gaming skills. But the players who don’t come back have the facility and skills. So this is the main reason for losing the game. If you wish to become a great player and compete with every player with ease, then you should prove your skills and play the game for a little more time with DUI Pro Injector.

This will give you the advantage that when you play more, you will have practice. By playing more, your skills also increase. Great players have techniques and use them to move the game with ease. If you also want to learn techniques, play the game more and more. You can play the game, again and again, using this app and compete with every player that appears whether it is a big player or a small player, try to beat him and it will unlock paid items that you can use. It will be easy to win the game. So quickly download it and play the game hoping to become a pro player.

Features of DUI Pro Injector App:

There are many features inside this android app that will help you to play the game easily. There are many apps that have more features but only some of these features work. But it is not like these apps, every feature works, you will see it when you use it yourself. So below we will describe its features that show its capabilities.

  • Show mini map icon
  • Show Enemy HP Bar
  • No registration
  • No need to remember the password key
  • Room Info
  • No root
  • ESP Jungle
  • Unlock all premium skins
  • ESP Jungle health
  • Auto Aim Hero
  • ESP Minion Dot
  • Small in size
  • Unlock Free skin (will add)
  • Auto Aim Hero
  • Good speed
  • Drone horizontal view 0-30
  • Drone Auto 2x 4x 6x
  • 360 hero name
  • 360 distance
  • Auto sync
  • Auto update
  • Free to download
  • Real Network boost
  • Real FPS boost
  • Unlock All Emblems
  • No errors and bugs
  • Full ESP
  • ESP settings
  • ESP health (New own design)
  • Free of cost
  • Free from harmful viruses
  • 100% functional
  • And several others

Easy to use:

If you are wondering how to use it, then stop worrying because it will not ask you anything to be used. It will not ask you for any password and you don’t have to do any registration just download and use it. We have shared its download link on this page, you can easily download it from there. When you download and open it, all the options will appear in front of you, then you can use them one by one as you wish.


Along with many advantages, the DUI Pro Injector also has some drawbacks. There is no floating icon present. Instead, to activate a cheat, you launch the program whenever you want to. Close it, then return to the game. Therefore, it might irritate some gamers. It’s not a big deal, though. The sheer volume of expensive goods hides all of its flaws. It is the most effective way to save money. Consider using Android OS to demonstrate your skills to other gamers. You’ll undoubtedly prevail in the game.

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