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Adguard Premium Apk is a well-known ad-blocking software created by ADGUARD SOFTWARE. ADGUARD SOFTWARE company has specialized in launching and developing security software for Windows and Android devices. With its modern function, this application will help the user to block many types of ads when using the phone without rooting your device.


Adguard Premium Apk

Adguard is an interceptor. A unique rootless advertising app for Android. In just a few basic steps, you can download, install and secure your device from annoying ads. In addition, this app helps to make user phones more protected and improve security. Delete ads in apps and browsers, protect your privacy and help you manage your apps.

App Information

App Name Adguard Premium Apk
App Size 16 MB
Android Required Android 3.3
Category Utilities
Version 4.0.56
Developer Adguard
Last Updated 28-06-2021

AdGuard Premium APK Advanced Features

Ads Blocker

It is the main reason why Adguard Premium has gained the trust of millions of users worldwide. The process of blocking ads is outstanding, it will not consume your resources or affect your performance, allowing you to play and browse easily without worrying about RAM and storage space.

Manage Filter List

You can manage the list of sites protected by Adguard and configure some additional parameters. There are many ad filters available and will be updated regularly for you. Better than anything. Filter quality. Your data protection issues We pay special attention to protecting your personal data.

Entire System Ad-Blocker

This includes video ads and ads in your favourite apps, browsers, games, and any website you can think of so that you don’t have to face any issues or trouble while browsing.

Secure Confidential Information.

With Adguard, you can be protected from online trackers as well as for analytics systems that are hidden in the network and try to steal your confidential information.

 Save Traffic

The more ads that are blocked, the fewer ads will be shown. Loading fewer ads means saving traffic. Simple from Adguard! Download the APK file, install the app, and then waste traffic on things you like, not on insatiable ads.

Easier Management

Everything is under your control. After all, this is your device, and you can decide what to filter and what not to filter. Adguard Premium can help you manage the running of applications on your phone.

Detect Suspicious Activity

With specialized modules, Adguard can block suspicious activities and protect your data. Some programs can run in the background and control everything. This application can detect suspicious activity and delete it from your device. This will make your device more secure. Don’t worry about data being stolen or lost.

Block Third-Party Cookies

If you watch foreign websites and want to hide your IP configuration so Adguard premium APK has the feature to block third-party cookies. As well as you can change your personal information and surf the Internet anonymously so no one can reach you without your permission.

Parental Control

Adguard Premium Apk can help you to protect your youngers from inappropriate things. Therefore this app blocks access to inappropriate websites and search results that contain obscene content. In addition, parents can set up a blacklist so that their children can obtain useful content when using their mobile phones.

Elegant Interface

Its interface is very simple and elegant. The functional layout is clear, thus simplifies the management and configuration of application settings. This app is a data protection program with a powerful ad deletion function, which can help you save data while browsing.

How To Install AdGuard Premium Apk

  • First, you have to tap the “Download” button.
  • Download this AdGuard Premium Apk from the internet browser.
  • After downloading, install this application completely.
  • Go to “Settings” on your phone. Click “Security”. Search unknown sources.
  • Activate by clicking “Move” to the folder where the downloaded file is saved.
  • Click the APK file.
  • Click Install.
  • The APK will take a while to install on your phone.
  • Finally, You can now access the application from your mobile phones and secure your browsing.

After Installing AdGuard Premium APK Perform the Following Activities

When handling a website page, Adguard Premium completes a few things immediately:

  • Eliminates promotions and web-based following code straightforwardly from the page.
  • Checks a page against our data set of phishing and malware.
  • Checks downloaded applications at once.
  • Completely filter pop-up ads and push notifications.


  • The premium version does not require root access.
  • The ability to automatically delete the network in the browser and application.
  • The ability of ads to automatically detect and block malicious websites.
  • Protect users from phishing and malicious websites.


  • Adguard will not restart after the protection is automatically disabled and after auto-pause. This affects most Adguard users and needs to be updated immediately.
  • Additionally, sometimes drain your battery life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1-Is Adguard for Android available in the Google Play Store?

A-Google has very specific policies for ad blockers in the Play Store. This basically means that any application that can block ads on the device is not allowed to appear there, so fragile content blockers like Adguard are also removed from the Play Store.

Q2-I can still see ads in certain apps and websites. What should I do?

A-You most likely need to enable HTTPS filtering. Many ads are loaded via HTTPS, and Adguard can also block them.

Go to Settings -> HTTPS filtering and enable it.

You must also use the “High Quality” filter mode (“Settings” -> “Advanced”).

Q3-Do it necessary root access?

A-No, that is not necessary. Therefore unlike many other ad blockers, Adguard can work in VPN mode, which allows you to block ads even on non-rooted devices.

Q4-Can I use other VPN applications in Adguard?

A-Unfortunately, it is not possible to run two VPNs on Android at the same time.

Q5-Is AdGuard premium APK safe and compatible with all devices?

A-Yes, it saved your data and is compatible with all android devices.


Adguard Premium Apk is an outstanding app with amazing Features for the safe browsing of android users. It can block advertisements in all browsers and even other applications, and the filtering quality is much higher. Moreover, it’s easy to set up and launch, but powerful and customizable-it has everything you need for Android ad-blocking tools, and it works with rooted and unrooted devices.


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